Frequently Asked Questions About Dolmabahce Palace

Frequently Asked Questions about Dolmabahce Palace

What is Dolmabahce Palace?

Dolmabahce Palace is a 19th-century palace which served as the administrative heart of the Ottoman Empire for more than 50 years. It is one of the important tourist places in Istanbul where you can admire a blend of Ottoman, Baroque, and Neoclassical architecture. The magnificent palace was commissioned by Sultan Abdulmecid I. 

Why is Dolmabahce Palace famous?

Dolmabahce Palace is among the prominent historical sights to experience the grandeur and opulence of the Ottoman Empire. With more than 285 luxurious rooms full of crystal chandeliers, ornate carvings and stunning woodwork, it is famed for its captivating architectural details. You can also explore a collection of historical artefacts like paintings here. 

How to get to Dolmabahce Palace?

You can get to Dolmabahce Palace in the following ways: 

  • By bus: This is a budget-friendly option which also gives you a taste of the authentic local way of life. You can take a bus from Taksim Square which takes 10 to 15 minutes to Dolmabahce Palace bus stop, located a couple of minutes away from the palace gates. 
  • By Metro: If you wish to avoid traffic, opt for the underground metro that operates from Taksim Square and drops you at Kabatas station, located 10 minutes away from the palace. 
  • By Taxi: You can take direct taxis which are available 24*7 to reach the Dolmabahce Palace entrance. It takes 5 to 10 minutes in a taxi from Taksim Square. 
  • By Car: If you have your vehicle, you can drive from Taksim Square to the Dolmabahce Palace parking, located 1 minute away from the entrance gate. 

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What is the entry fee for Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul?

The Dolmabahce Palace entrance fee ranges from INR 2500 to INR 4000 approximately. You can also book the tickets online and purchase them at the counter. Depending upon your choice, you can opt for skip-the-line tickets, a guided tour or an audio tour to enhance your experience. To plan a seamless travel, you can book the tickets from our site. 

Who built Dolmabahce Palace?

The construction of Dolmabahce Palace was commissioned by Sultan Abdulmecid I in 1843. A team of Ottoman architects under the leadership of Garabet Amira Balyan and his son Nikogos Balyan designed the palace in 1846. The construction of the building was completed in 1856. In 1984, it was converted into a palace museum. 

Is Dolmabahce Palace free?

No, Dolmabahce Palace is not free. Visitors need to purchase a ticket to enter the palace, and the cost of the ticket depends on the type of tour and whether you want to visit the harem section or not.

How to get to Dolmabahce Palace from Sultanahmet?

From Sultanahmet, you can take the T1 tram to Kabatas station, located 10 minutes away by foot from the Dolmabahce Palace entrance. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from your hotel or self-drive in a rental car to reach Dolmabahce Palace, 8 km away from Sultanahmet. 

Is Dolmabahce Palace worth visiting?

Yes, Dolmabahce Palace is worth visiting to catch a glimpse of its ornate gardens and magnificent architecture. You can trace the history of the Ottoman Empire and imagine how they led their daily lives in this stunning palace. It has many notable attractions like the Clock Tower, the Harem and the Dolmabahce Mosque. 

How many entrances are there to get into Dolmabahce Palace?

here are three main entrances to the Dolmabahce Palace: 

  • The Imperial Gate: Boasting a neo-classical design with a huge dome and massive columns, this is one of the most incredible gates of the palace. You can admire beautiful carvings and art on the keystone of the gate. If you are visiting for travel purposes, you can enter through the Imperial Gate.
  • The Revan Pavillion Gate: This gate gives you direct access to the Harem section of the Palace. Beautifully designed floral motifs and ornamental carvings promise to captivate your attention here. 
  • Gate of the Treasury: This is the smallest gate which features a large dome in neo-classical design. It provides entrance to the Treasury section of the Palace, which is not accessible to the public.

Can you buy Dolmabahçe Palace tickets online?

Yes, you can buy tickets to visit Dolmabahce Palace on our site. You can skip the queues and enjoy hassle-free entry directly into the palace with your confirmed online tickets. All you need to do is to carry a valid photo ID and passport to enter Dolmabahce Palace. 

Who lived in Dolmabahce Palace?

The last six Sultans of the Ottoman Empire along with the last Caliph lived in the Dolmabahce Palace in the 19th century. One of the most notable personalities who resided here was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. 

How to visit Dolmabahce Palace?

To visit Dolmabahce Palace, you have to show a confirmed ticket at the entrance. You can buy a ticket from the counter, purchase it through online mode or book a guided tour with your package. You can also opt for audio guides available in several languages like English, Arabic and French. 

What can I do at Dolmabahce Palace?

During your visit to Dolmabahce Palace, be captivated by its grand halls and lavish interiors. Notable rooms like the Crystal Staircase, Medhal Hall, and Ceremonial Hall of the Valide Sultan stand out for their opulence. Don't miss a leisurely stroll through Dolmabahce Gardens, where you can savor stunning vistas of the Bosphorus River and the charming Eastern side of Istanbul.

How to get to Dolmabahce Palace from St. Spirit Cathedral?

The best way to get to Dolmabahce Palace from St Spirit Cathedral, located 2 km away, is to take a direct taxi. Alternatively, you can opt for public transport by taking a tram or metro from Kumkapi to Kabatas station. From Kabatas station, you can take a taxi or walk for 10-15 minutes to reach Dolmabahce Palace. 

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Is there an audio guide to visit Dolmabahce Palace?

Yes, audio guides are available to visit Dolmabahce Palace. After enjoying a hassle-free entry with your skip-the-line online tickets, you can explore this palace with an audio guide. It is available in 10 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. 

What is the Glass Pavilion in Dolmabahce Palace?

The Glass Pavilion, also called the Crystal Pavilion is one of the most beautiful sections of the Dolmabahce Palace. It was gifted by Empress Eugenie of France to Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz. It boasts a pavilion of glass and cast iron with superb decorations. Currently, it is used for official receptions and ceremonies at the palace. 

Where is the ticket booth to Dolmabahce palace?

The ticket booth for Dolmabahce Palace is located inside the palace grounds, near the entrance. Visitors can purchase tickets at the booth or from one of the ticket vending machines located nearby. There may be a queue at the ticket booth during peak visiting times, so it's advisable to arrive early or book tickets in advance.

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What are the main attractions to see inside Dolmabahce Palace?

Inside the Dolmabahce Palace, you can explore the elegant attractions as follows: 

  • Mabeyn:i Humayun: Famed as the Imperial Suite, it was used by the Sultan for his daily chores. Its design boasts intricate artwork on ceilings, lavish decorations and gorgeous marble floors. 
  • Muayede: This is the Ceremonial Hall, which is adorned by crystal chandeliers and gilded columns. In addition to its luxurious decor, it has been a host to many historical events in Turkey. 
  • Harem: One of the most interesting sections of the palace is the Harem which gives you an insight into the private lives of Ottoman sultans. It has many rooms which included the private chambers of the sultan and the apartments of the queen mother. 
  • Dolmabahce Mosque: Featuring Ottoman and Baroque designs, the Dolmabahce Mosque is an important attraction here. It was built in the mid-19th century and now houses a museum with 200 paintings.

When was Dolmabahce Palace built?

After being commissioned by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1843, the Dolmabahce Palace was finally built in 1856. It was designed by Garabet Amira Balyan and his son Nikogos Balyan along with a team of architects. 

What are the fun facts about Dolmabahçe Palace?

  • The total cost for building Dolmabahçe Palace was 5 million Ottoman gold lira which is equivalent to almost 2 Billion Dollars today. 
  • To decorate the ceilings of the palace, almost 14 tonnes of gold was used. 
  • The palace was built on the shore of Bosphorus which was reclaimed from a shallow bay and later converted into a royal garden. 
  • You can see the largest chandelier in the world- the Bohemian crystal chandelier in the Ceremonial Hall here. 

What do you wear to Dolmabahçe Palace?

You do not need to adhere to any specific dress code to visit Dolmabahçe Palace. However, make sure you dress appropriately and respectfully. Make sure you put on a pair of comfortable footwear as you will need to walk a lot and climb some stairs to explore this huge palace complex. 

What is the significance of Dolmabahçe Palace?

Dolmabahce Palace signifies the legacy of Ottoman Rule in Istanbul, Turkey. It was built in the 19th century and was envisioned to showcase the opulence and power of the Ottoman Empire in its phase of decline. It is an important tourist spot for history fans and art lovers in Istanbul now

Is Dolmabahce Palace open today?

Dolmabahce Palace remains open from Tuesdays to Sundays. You can visit the palace on these days between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. To enter the palace, you need to buy a ticket, which can be purchased online or at the ticket counter at the entrance of the palace


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